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Mobula Rays and Jellyfish by Blue Ocean Productions - Amazing!

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We filmed these mobula rays off Isla Espiratu Santos near La Paz, in the Sea of Cortez. Mobula rays grow up to about 3 feet across, jump more frequently than other rays and congregate to feed on plankton. Isla Espiratu Santo is actually two islands that stretch about 20 mile long and is located north of the Bay of La Paz. Isla Espiratu Santo is part of a federally decreed Flora and Fauna Protection Area and a United Nations Biosphere Reserve.

There must have been a thousand or more - as far as the eye could see. I've seen them jump out of the water before, but not like this, jumping all around our boat. A magic sea life moment....

via Clark Miller

This video played at the "Jellyfish ROCK!" event at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on November 19, 2010 where the Global Jellyfish Group presented information about jellies and jellyfish blooms.

In addition, "Jellyfish ROCKS" features artwork that is the result of the creative efforts of children from fourteen countries and four U.S. States.