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Leitor Indica: SkyDance, sobrevoando a França - By Eric Magnan

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This unique documentary takes the audience on a dizzying journey across France — over Normandy, Brittany, the river Loire, Dordogne, Burgundy, Provence — and it all begins and ends in Paris. Laura, a young journalist, is writing profiles of various exceptional men. She is going to meet Alec, an ex-fighter pilot, now leader of an aerobatic team and a world champion in stunt flying. As part of the interview, Alec proposes taking Laura on the final leg of a prestigious aerial race across France. However Alec’s flying partner, Jennifer, strongly resents the presence of the journalist. As for Laura, her fear of flying almost makes her refuse to climb into the Pilauts aerobatic plane, but she decides to go.

The 42-minute film was directed by Eric Magnan and produced by Marie-Christine Montbrial and Michel Frichet. It was originally released in IMAX theaters worldwide in 2002. Skydance is now available to worldwide television markets for the first time.

Bon voyage, mon ami.

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